Christmas candles & diffusers

Christmas candles & diffusers

Who doesn’t love the warm glow and dreamy aromas of Christmas candles & diffusers? Our festive blends of pure essential oils are ready to welcome Santa… 

For Tarn Candles it started in 2018 when we developed our first candles as beautiful handmade gifts for friends and family. Our “Mockerkin” blend was launched, a warm and inviting combination of Cedarwood, Orange and Clove Bud oils. 

Cedarwood, Orange and Clove Bud Christmas candles from Tarn Candles

Like a cosy fireside companion, it’s subtle, gentle and warming.  

A Christmas Cracker

Our story initially involved cute teacups from one of our local charity shops. We wanted to give old things a new life with candles at their core. Our candle blends evolved with unique tarn names, mountain pools found in and around the Lake District.

Eventually, we moved to reusable and recyclable tins, and Mockerkin was our first blend ready for the market. Everyone loved it, so much so that it is enjoyed throughout the year. That’s a true sign of a great oil combo. At the time, it was a real Christmas cracker.

When Tarn Candles became a proper family business the range of products and blends grew quickly. We created soy wax melts to compliment the candles, and before long customers were asking for reed diffusers. These were all created using the same oil ratios that made our original candles so popular. 

Christmas soy wax melt blend with clove bud and orange

New Kid On The Block

The original Tarn Candles line-up boasted six blends but leading up to our second Christmas in 2019 it was obvious that we needed to introduce new aromas. Our seventh creation was our second festive project, and that new kid on the block emerged as our “Bleaberry” blend.

Not only was it a winter warmer, Bleaberry had a stunning golden glow like a glass of fine whiskey enjoyed by the big fella after he’s delivered pressies down the chimney. 

Natural diffusers for Christmas presents

Cinnamon, Mandarin & Pine Needle was an instant hit – and it looked great. We don’t add any artificial colours to our natural vegetable wax, but the mandarin oil gives this candle a beautiful orange tint.

Christmas Candle Gifts

Everyone loves Christmas candle gifts. They make a house a home and fill the air with lovely scents and aromas. The festive duo offered by Tarn Candles continues to put smiles on faces over the Christmas holidays, and they have been joined by many more essential oil combinations over recent years.

Take our latest arrival, the “Arnsbarrow” blend that uses three oils that are recognised as being non-toxic to pets. Indeed, this was a collaboration with a local business Green Paws Grooming to develop a candle, wax melt and diffuser blend that was safe for dogs and cats. 

Pet friendly candles and diffusers for Christmas

You’ll have to decide whether our Fennel, Lavender & Amyris mix is Christmassy, but it makes a great gift for a pet lover who wants to make their home smell gorgeous without harming their furry friends. And check out those cheeky paw prints on the labels! 

And A Happy New Year…

We make our candles, wax melts & diffusers in small batches at our Lancashire base. Just the two of us, Karen and Jules, making sure we put 100% into every product we make. In line with our reuse and refill ethos, we also offer refills for our lovely diffuser glasses.

Whether it’s with one of our candles, soy wax melts or natural reed diffusers, or with something completely different, we hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year.

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