Summer reed diffusers

Summer reed diffusers

Summer reed diffusers from Tarn Candles & Melts are the perfect addition to any room in your home. 

With a wide range of beautifully unique aromas to choose from, we're proud to say that all our blends are made using only pure essential oils. 

Diffusers offer a subtle fragrance all year round. Use all of the natural rattan reeds for that wow factor, or just four five when in a smaller area. You'll know when you get the balance just right for your home. 

We have refreshing and uplifting combinations, romantic and evocative scents, and even oil blends that can mask those unwanted smells (just don't tell the dog). 

In fact, because we only use pure and natural ingredients, most of our essential oil combinations are perfectly safe to enjoy if you have pets in the house. 

There are no nasty chemicals, nothing unnatural and no additives to irritate your cats and dogs. If in doubt, drop us an email for further advice... 

Otherwise, browse the range of gorgeous oil combos that will transform any room in your house. The Tarn range is listed here

Diffusers also make a wonderful gift for friends, family and work colleagues. 

Take a look at the Tarn Diffusers here... available in gift boxes or as refills. 

That's right, you can easily order 75ml refills of your favourites - and they come in an aluminium bottle that is 100% recyclable. We also pack in environmentally friendly cardboard packing. No unnecessary plastic. 

Check out our Facebook and Instagram pages for regular updates about new products and special offers. 

Tarn Candles, Melts & Diffusers are made in Lancashire. 

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